Monday, March 3, 2014

Le Meredian Skyscanner Indiblogger belle rencontre

Le Meredian Skyscanner Indiblogger belle rencontre
(Le Meredian SkySCanner Indiblogger beautiful meet)

#SkyScanning Indiblogger at 'Le Meredian' Meet on 1st March 2014 is my forth Indiblogger Meet in New Delhi. I managed to register after few seats were added, I kept myself free for this day and reached the venue without any delay. During the way, I was wondering, What Algorithm of Graph Theory (This is where I am doing my M.Sc. Mathematics thesis about) SkyScanner might be using to optimize the cost and distance of Traveller.
My auto Landed at the gate of Le-Meredian. Like as of earlier times, Indiblogger has compromised in nothing including the Venue. I was entering this place for the first time. Thanks to Indiblogger. I greeted with Nihal when he said me you had attend the last one too. He remembered me while I am equally bad in forgetting people name. I asked his name and he replied humbly!

After Registration, I started talking with few of new people. I started my lunch. It was delicious. The Baked fish and Chicken, I loved them and had it twice. After keeping my plate, I went to have desert and sweets. Rabri was the most effective one. So Delicious, So Sweet! Many people were talking about Rabri being fantastically extra-ordinary!

I took bit of strawberry ice cream forgetting that I am still to recover from Cold fever. I sat in a seat and introduced with few new friends. All are tech bloggers and Most of them are Engineer! May be one third of hall is filled with engineers. I shared about myself too. When I say, I am M.Sc. Mathematician, People say, that's really great! 

The meet started when Anoop declared the winner of best travel picture. The ever enthusiastic Anoop is hosting it like few of earlier times, he does it well! I didn't win this time too. But few more  prizes coming up. Yeah! Let's hope something inside the box is for me also.  

Then Began the Presentation by SkyScanner team. The representative was trying to make us understand about the skyscanner which most of us hadn't heard before. Seems like a good place to optimize the travelling expense. That was the time when I got to know Sky Scanner is something different than others. The representative  was kind to deliver short presentation. Anoop announced a contest of couple self click photo. I took couple of pictures with my friends sitting at my table.

 Meanwhile I found my blogger friend whom I had introduce in my first indiblogger meet in Blue Frog, Qutub Minar. He is Abhishek Talreja. We were happy to see each other. We took a self picture of each other and then he uploaded. Anoop announced something which made me sure that he is giving gifts to those who is sitting. So with few cleverness and bit luck, Abhishek and I managed to keep sitting till the last and made sure we got the gift. The gift which had pen drive in form of hand rubber band was really unique. I said, I needed a pen drive, Wow!. 

Group Activity followed. We got in the 3rdd group. During the group, I met two other good people. Firstly, she was Ragini Puri, the former journalist and second was Rahul Prabhakar. I had met them in the last meet of Nokia Indiblogger meet held in Oberoi. But this meet gave me time to have some more good talk with them. Rahul was our team leader who was preparing the total expense of world trip. It was nice to see him being so humble and at the same time he was so smart! We managed to get our expense in about 2 lakhs. We were enthusiastic and  as a group we were happy with each other. High Tea followed the later. This time, Abhishek, Ragini, Jayantha and I had good time sharing about each other.

 Winner were anounced for Group Activity. We didn't win. Then followed some travel experience. Few were Good. But most of the time, it was like all people wanted to speak and few wanted to listen. I wonder what the group winners got. Was It Secret? Hope someone from the winning group will share it.

The meet ended. We were all happy with two each of t-shirts and travel bag We had got. I returned back with Jayanth and Ragini conlcuding it was one of the beautiful meet organized by Indiblogger. Hats off to Indiblogger team who organized it so well. Yummy Food, Beautiful moments and Memorable experience 

Overall, I loved the meet for many reason, Thanks to Indiblogger team. They are always great to attend and hope to see many such in coming days.

Meanwhile, My eagerness to know about Algorithm of Graph theory used in Sky Scanner is still unsolved. Hope I get it solved within

Keep Smiling, Keep Blogging.

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