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A Drive to Nariman

"You are completely stupid and not worthy of anything." She disconnects the call, getting angry on Suraj, for not being able to arrange time for tomorrow's, first day first show of 'The Lunch box'.

It's her habit, She disconnects the call, but she means that, he should call her again. He does it.
Her Phone rings up with one of their favorite song as ringing tone, "Baatein Kuch Ankaahe Si, Kuch Ann Suni Se Honelagi".  She picks up, but remains silent. He knows that, she is waiting to hear from him, more of all, she is waiting for an affirmative answer. He speaks, "Aakriti, I actually can't avoid tomorrow's meeting, It's very important for me, So Let's postpone the movie plan, I promise to take you to Nariman Point tomorrow evening"
She remains silent..
He asks "Kuch to Bolo...."

she speaks, "I am not free tomorrow evening...". She disconnects the call.

He feels, Her eagerness to meet him is justified. Movie was just an excuse, but what she all needed was him. She wants to hold him, and be with him. But due to his recent busy time in office, he had not met her since last two weeks.
Despite her denial, he knows she wants him to call back, but he doesn't, because he has a better plan for mid-night.
He drives his new car to her place at Navjeevan society, Chembur from Agarwadi, Mankhurd, 5 mins ride.
The new car is a surprise for her.
He parked his car at the nearby place, and calls her.  She picks up the call and said, "Don't call me again, I am angry on you...".
He tries to say something, but she disconnects it. She can do it, because he made her wait for 10 minutes.
He texts her, "Lets go to Nariman Point now, I am waiting outside your society". He patiently waits for the message to be delivered, and waiting for her reply. 5 Minutes passed, but he did not get any reply...
He calls her again, but what he sees, makes him stunned.
Aakriti is coming out of the gate, and he waives his hand to greet her. She is happy to see him and even he is.
He opens the door, and she enters the car. He notices that, she felt something fresh inside the car, something different.
"You know Aakriti, its full-moon night today......"
"I myself told you earlier...." replies Aakriti.

He knows, she is happy to meet him, after such a long time. Silence prevails, and he needs to break the ice.
He starts the car and switches on the AC. He slowly increases the level of fragrance in Ambi Pur installed in AC Vent of his car. The aroma, that mixed with air inside the car worked. The air became so fresh.

She smiles, and He knows that Ambi Pur worked.

She asks, "When did you buy it?"
What? My new car?
"No Stupid, I had seen your car two days back itself. I am talking about this Ambi pur. I like this fragrance of Vanilla...."
"Yeah, I know that....."

"I bought it yesterday morning, but installed it a while back. And, I can see, its working quite well now..."
"Yeah Sweetheart, I am drowned in the love at First sight with this Ambi Pur, like you had for me....."

She laughs. Then, he plays their favorite song:

Baatein Kuch Ankaahe Si
Kuch Ann Suni Se Honelagi
Kabu Dil Pe Raha Na
Hasti Humari Khone Lagi
Woooh Woooh Wooo Woo Wooh
Shaayad Yehi Hai Pyaar, Shaayad Yehi Hai Pyaar.
Keh De Mujhse Dil Mein Kya Hai
Aisa Bhi Kya Guroor
Tujhko Bhi To Ho Raha Hai
Thoda Asar Zaroor
Ho Yeh Khaamoshi Jeene Na De
Koi To Baat Ho........... 

The Ambi Pur has not only eliminated the inside odour, but also motivated to open the window for fresh air.  Throughout the ride, she enjoyed the beauty of Mumbai in the Road  through Sion Flyover, Dadar and Parel flyover and JJ flyover.
And they reached Nariman Point, the place where they wanted to be together, during midnight, since very long time.
On reaching, he parks his car, while, he can see her, dancing with happiness.
He joins her, and holds her hand. It starts raining slowly, but this rain will not stop them today. They want to be together and they are. She is singing her favorite song. She is moving her steps here and there, sometime running and sometime just on still and yet he is holding one of her hands. She is smiling, she is happy and she is expressing those moments on loud voice like a crazy girl while he is simply looking at her, glaring at her eyes and holding her fingers. She is enjoying the artificial light around Nariman Point of Queen's necklace, while, He captures the moment in Camera, to save it for future.
He knows, he has given her another special moment and she knows he is happy to see her like that. Happiness and Specialty, they both existed within them, for each other, because of each other. And this is something called as Love, the love they had rarely witnessed and the one they wanted to experience as their soul-mates ever since they, knew each other.

Love is in the air and the every blow of wind passing through him touches her. The fresh air, she had in drive has changed her mood. She has always been so close to him, understanding his Love. But then many of those times she had, let it go, unexpressed. She is a girl, and she has many other primary things for her life and She knows he has always understood those moments of her life. Yet, she knows his disappointments, he had met, during her personal choices. He waited, waited and waited, hiding his frustrations just to wait for his love, to wait for her confessions and to wait her accept him as she has today. She can feel it and She will always.

The Rain interrupts their romance at Arabian Sea. It is raining heavier now. So He asks her, "Shall we continue our ride?".

Yes, She wants him to avoid rain, but today she is also tempted to stay inside the car. They entered the car and tighten their seat belt; and he keeps moving on Marine Drive.
He asks, "Did you like it?"

She smiles. He returns a smile. In some time, they reach Girgaon Chowpatty, opposite to  Wilson College where they waited for the heavy rain to stop. Meanwhile, Aakriti asks for the camera. There were many pictures, including the few of consecutive shots. Those consecutive shots had almost no differences at all. Same pose, same background, same angles too, but he could term each of them as different pics. Few photos were blur, few were shaken but still they had some or other impressions. She acts as if she is going to delete few of pics and he immediately responds against it. She knows that he doesn't like deleting any of them. Both of them know the others heart and feel their needs, still no one chose to express.

she tilts her head on his shoulder, and he extends his left hand on her shoulder. Both of them keep quite for a moment, while she is busy watching the photos. He has always said her 'you are cute, and she keeps wondering, what is that something, which makes him feel about her, from the depth of his heart'. she is about to ask him something, but he speaks before she could speak.
"You know, your pictures are really beautiful"

"Hmmm... Is it? May be because I am photogenic"

He knows, she wants to hear something else. He replies. "I meant, you look really beautiful. You are the cutest girl, I have ever seen."

She was blessed to hear such words from him, as always. There were many guys who had appreciated her beauty and, also there were many, who had complimented her looks, but nothing ever matters other than his words. She loves hearing them again and again, because, she knows that he speaks truth from his heart.
She knows what those words means for him, and those expression also meant something to him. She decides to take the conversation a little longer.

" What if, someday you find, I've grown old and my beauty is not appealing as today?"

He knows that, behind this question, there is a voice of girl whom he adores more than anything.

He replies, "I'll fill my mind and heart with the memories of your most beautiful reflections and shall look at you with those memories, every time you speak to me..."

She knows, he always loved to listen from her. Her voice, during happiness, during craziness, during success and in the times of pain; each of them was worth listening.

So she asks him, "What if you find my voice not so melodious then?"

Then, I'll play (recorded) the best conversations we ever had, and look at your pictures, to say, you're the blessing for me, my princess"

He knows, what she wants to listen. His every word touches her heart. Yet she continues "I doubt whether, you will be calling me princess even then...."

"Do you doubt, just over those words or you doubt my faithfulness?"

She doesn't. She has known him so closely for last four years, that she can even predict his next step on most of the time. She instead choose not to reply his questions. After all, she is his sweet heart and she can take some of such things for granted. She asks another question, "what if I'm not there to hear these Golden words?"

"you've won the arguments. Let's change the topic..." He voluntarily surrenders. She knows he never wants to hear those words, nor he wants to think about such. Neither she intended to speak such.. But.. But She knows that he will understand her and He does too.
She speaks, " It Seems, that someone is not able to detect the beautiful Vanilla fragrance of Ambi Pur that lasts till 45 days?"?
Smiles return back to him. He holds her, pulling her towards himself and saying, "No, the environment is decorated with beautiful fragrance, but... "
"But? But what....?"
looking at her eyes, he says, "I want to experience this beautiful smell through my lips and my tongue...." She diverts her eyes,  hiding the eye contact, yet looking at him through mirrors. She knew what he desires, still she says, "Ambi pur Mini Velt is not to be cut or leaked, It is not for drinking you know..." Some of her childish talk tempts him to be closer to her, But this beautiful moment is something different today. His lips reach closer to her and She moves herself nearer, Letting each other drink the finest taste of night in the presence of enticing aroma of air freshener of Ambi Pur in the fragrance of vanilla.
They stay with silence to enjoy the Arabian sea and its high produced wave. The depth of dark water reflects some of the stars present in the sky of full-moon night. She is looking at those stars with all the concentration, maybe she is counting them or maybe she is only thinking about counting.

This post is written for Indiblogger Contest #FreshNHappy Experience about the Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip.

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Review: Chennai Express; The end of an era of King Khan?

The end of an era of King Khan?
Review of Movie
Chennai Express
Release Date: August 08, 2013
Star-Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Nikitin Dheer, Priyamani, Sathyaraj.
Director: Rohit Shetty

There is always a debate "if SRK should try releasing his movies on non-festival time to find out how well his movies really do in market?" After getting his last movie Jab tak hai Jaan getting released in diwali, SRK's red chilly is back with Chennai Express. To support him, director is a man who has given back to back hit in last few years, Rohit Shetty. In few of his interviews Rohit himself had expressed his happiness of being able to work with Shah Rukh Khan. Same Feelings should have gone through SRK also, especially when his movies were not appreciated by Audience. In somewhat, Chennai Express was suppose to bring back his stardom and clear the doubt if King Khan Era is in stake (if any had). So the film is out and hopefully verdict will be released through words of Viewers within next few days.

Let me start with plot.
Rahul's (Shah Rukh Khan) Grandfather has his last wish, to get ashes of his decomposed body to be deposited in two different rivers; first one is Ganga where Rahul's Grandmother goes away while the second one is Rameshwaram. Rahul and his friends have a plan to do 'bisarjan' in Goa. Rahul takes the train Chennai Express hoping he will un-board at kalyan, but arrival of Meena or Meenamba( I am sorry if I am spelling it wrong, (Deepika Padukone) inside the compartment prevents him to go away. Meena was running away from her father to be escape marriage but her father's man take both of them to their village. To be saved from marriage, she lies that Rahul and She Love each other. They are welcomed to home but being unaware of Tamil language, Rahul invites few other troubles. The rest of the story is all about quarrel between SRK and deepika, run and chase, few actions, little romance and an attempt to make emotional ending (Not sure if it is succeeded)

Pros of the movie.
SRK has tried giving his good performance for the movie (but not sure if he himself counts it as one of his best acting). As a 40 years old bachelor in the movie (quite nearer to his actual age), he has done a very good job. Deepika Padukone is undoubtedly the best things to be noticed in Chennai Express and her role seems more appealing even than of SRK. While she has worked very hard for her Tamil tune, her acting is fabulous. Other supporting actor is good with their role as most of the time they speak in Tamil only.
The direction of Rohit Shetty is another thing to be noted here though Chennai Express is not among those action packed movies he had directed in last few years. Few of Car Blows and little action are interesting to watch out, but there are not so much of actions here (as you might expect from Rohit Shetty's movie). But nonetheless, his other attempts like comedy work to some extent.
The other best part of movie is photography of beautiful nature. Early from the journey of train, beautiful scene is neatly captured. Shots are taken in such a place that you will just keep saying, 'wow... what a beautiful place'. The halt of train at Deepika's place, the village, The sea-scenario in second half, Tea Garden during one of song, Shot of Rameshwaran bridge and many such which you can't count. People will be able to see the beautiful part of Incredible India.
  Music are at average. The song "Kashmir mai to kanyakumari" is best among them. Other songs are pretty good and you will like them though there are not much songs. The background tune and other sound factors are good.

one of the bad point of this movie is SRK himself (Sorry for SRK fan who might be targeting this review in comment box, but it is true). His acting, his voice and his comedy keeps showing that the role of DDLJ no more fits on him. His name might bring audience towards theatre,  Action works to some extent, but not much that movie can leave positive response to get praise of words from viewers. So SRK himself may not be willing to remember this movie after some days. Not to forget, Chennai Express is in talk because of Rohit Shetty's also, So had it not been Rohit direction and Deepika's role, movie would have suffered on huge amount.
Comedy doesn't works with movie. Some old punch of jokes, Some weird acting aren't good enough to save the movie though Hindi antakshiri gives some laugh to audience. Romance starts only after half an hour of second half. The first half is boring on most of the time and same continues in second half. Still, Last 30 minutes is the duration where movie picks up including romance, beautiful song and the climax.
There is no such special plot to be mentioned in the story. It looks dull in overall. No twist expected anywhere in the story and story is like a common romance movie. Audience can even sleep for 15 minutes, wake up, still they will understand the complete story. I wish there was some twist or some good story within the movie.
Most part of the movie is shot on Tamil. So I wish there was subtitle on those time where Tamil was spoken. Character speak Tamil and audience can only keep wondering what might be its meaning.

My conclusion
This movie is answer to SRK that he should try something other than love story and he should give an attempt to release the movie other than festival season. No doubt that his contribution in Bollywood is widely accepted and he is considered as King Khan, but it's a time for a break and he needs to perform something like Chak de India as he is no more Rahul of DDLJ and KKHH.
And we audience keep missing the good movies just to wait for movies of star. It has happened that movies released during festival get a good run in box-office though they are not good enough, and we neglect very good movies which will surely decrease the motivation for good creatives. We are mature enough to judge what is good and what is wrong, and if we won't do it, when we will do it?
My rating 1.5 out of 5. (for the climax, Scenario and Song)
Recommendation:- No (because it's too boring on first half and you will be disappointed with SRK)


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~Someone Like you: Book Review~

~Someone Like you: Book Review~

Review Type: Book Review
Book Title: Someone Like you
Writer:  Nikita Singh, Durjoy Datta
Released: Feb 2013

College life are the one where we experience transformations in our life. We get many friends in our life who come to us as strangers but they leave a huge mark in our life to live in our heart for upcoming times. Success, failures and Struggling keeps happening while fame and criticism are inseparable part. While some of our mistakes may keep hunting us in time to time; there will be glorious moments to stay memorable for rest of the time.

After their huge success of first Co-authored Book, If its not forever; Nikita Singh and Durjoy Datta have published ’Someone like you’ , this time with thePenguin India. They have kept story tagline of book as’Friendship, Love and Betrayal’. Unlike their earlier book ’If its not forever’ , , the first person in this book is a girl which makes ’Someone Like you’ a readable story of  ’Niharika’ and her friends.

Story plot

Niharika is a an average looking girl of Jaipur who has to join engineering college in few days time. Her Sister Simran, Studying in New Delhi wants her to visit before college starts. Few days in Delhi transforms Niharika from a specs girl to beautiful and above average girl. Looking at the way Viraat (Simran’s boy friend) cares them, she has an urge to get someone like him. Just few days before joining her new college, she mets Akshat,a handsome and rich guy in Jaipur. In short time, she likes him and she feel he really cares about her.

As she reaches her new College, She find her days along with Tanmay a kid looking shy guy and Pia as her roommate cum class friend. Karthik , her college seniors helps these 3 guys, especially Tanmay in getting to College Football team. As Tanmay starts getting success in football, some incident occurs to shake their life and story  goes ahead.

My view

When a girl writes the fiction; she has her own sets of protocol to follow. No doubt the content of book will be girlish,  still the book has something to tell for her readers, especially girls of their generation rather than just entertainment found in book of some male writer. Someone Like you is the similar story written from Girl Perception where Nikita Singh along with Durjoy Datta write about the average looking girl Niharika and her college time, her dilemma regarding Akshat and karthik, her friendship with Tanmay and Pia and also about other relationships they exists within us. Most part of the story is clean and neatly written unless in some clashing incidents where story is written as like of real life.

If you have read their earlier books, you can distinguish which parts are writtnen by Nikita and which are written by Durjoy Datta. So within the book , we can find two different way of writing. The most of the part is written by Nikita herself though. There are some other stage where She has focused trying to convey hidden messages for her reader, especially from the relationship between Niharika and Akshat and between Pia and Vishal.

Initially story looks like it is long by 50 pages, but as it goes ahead, the incident falling at proper time well justifies length of book though i felt It could have been shorten by 10-20 pages. story starts with Niharika as average looking girl with very few boys around but things are not the same once she returns from Delhi and attends the college in Nagpur. Nikita attempt to show Relation between sisters, Friendship and Revenge for Betrayal are different then her earlier stories which she has penned. She has wisely  undisclosed about whom Niharika will fall for, till almost end part of Book

Some incident which Niharika is unknown about are included in quoted form as if Narrator is explaining the plot. So two quoted chapters in fiction adds a value to the climax. Story might not be suspense in many way and predictable in many instances, yet it is worthy to read if you have been reading their books. If you are the one who feel Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh are not the writer you read, then you may skip this one. Overall the language are simple and understood in one easy go.

One of the best part of their last Book, "If its not forever" was that it was good from the literature part also, which writers are writing it in simple way and hardly any creativity are poured from the literature aspects. The description of any person, their look or their quality are just simple. Few poems or some good lines could have been used to make a book better, So this is where the book is lacking and at times you feel bore while going through 248 pages. In other way, it is just one time read where you hardly want to re-read once you are finished with it.

Though writing about Love and Relationship in college life is ongoing trend; incident happened in plots are different than of earlier fiction. It is not of the level of If its not forever as that one was really interesting, still it is good enough. The 248 pages long Book is a good piece of creation and reflects understanding of readers by both of the writers. It would have been better if good literature, some good poems were included

If someday any bollywood director approaches to make it a movie, it will be powerful one.

My rating 
3 out of 5 (As it could have been more powerful with extra added thrilling plot within the same number of pages) 

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Book Review: The Promise By Nikita Singh

The Promises and Life After...

Review of: Book
Book Title:- The promise
Writer: Nikita Singh

As the relation goes on smoothly and as we find ourselves deeply involved with each others; there comes a planning for future. With those planning, their come Promises. Promises to be with each other and be part of each other in every of the coming days, either in the miserable phase or the greatest romance. Promises are made hoping they last for lifetime, but if broken, things might be different. Life might be somersaulted and cohesive relation may turn again to strangers.

Nikita Singh after the massive success of her book ’If it’s not forever...’ love story cum suspense book co-authored with Durjoy Dutta had released another book in first week of January. This time she has written a romance fiction plotted in city of Madhya Pradesh ’Indore’. The readers don’t have suspense of stories during this book, yet worth reading for few of the plot Nikita has written.

Sambhavi is a simple girl with her own ideas of life. She has complexity and struggle; yet she is cheerful and energetic. In one of her main project in Interior designing, she met with Arjun; rich and owner of one of the well established furniture. Though Arjun has a huge fame, large money, he is hardworking and isolated. Along with time, they met with each other. In some time, they make promise to fulfill every other promise. But a moment occurs in both of them where Arjun finds himself in the same stage as he was years ago just to find Life and Relations are not as easy as we think they are.

How are promises fared there after? How their life changes and to what they can understand each other? This is all about Promise, a simple Book where you won’t find any thrilling experience but worthy to read; to inspire and to be inspired.

My view
I remember, somebody had said me recently, "Promises are not to be mere in words, they are to be fulfilled through actions as time demands." Well Said. In many of the moments, sometime because of our past and sometime because of our future, we forget the promise we have taken. We fail to fulfill them and Life can be disaster after that. The boy and his group of friends blames girl while the same happens other side. The Game of Blame keeps going on without knowing both have failed in relation and for reconciliation, both need to understand each other.

Nikita Singh has well-utilized the theme of this Book. Romans are always fascinating, but she has shown the cost life can bear from them. In simple reading one can understand the book. As we go through the book after halfway, there comes two plots which are unexpected for sure and they are the incident that fiction travels through. She has not added only problems but the solutions too. She has framed life of Sambhavi in different struggling part and that is for sure going to be ’points to be noted’ or ’ a small step for the change’.

Though the book is focused on the life of Girl, She has not outlined a Guy views in fiction. She has been unbiased and she has shown life from Boy’s perception too. She has focused on his loneliness, his past, his views and also his desire to fulfill the promises. So Book is going to be Good read.


In her fourth fiction Book, Nikita has shown maturity of writing which she can give her best in coming days. Books could have been better than it is but theme of the book is something which very few writers in modern Indian fiction have written about. Though Book goes very slow and can be boring in first 50 pages but as it reaches the plot, interests are generated. I liked the decency of languages she has used as it is readable. Thank you Nikita for Special care of this.
Hope to see your books will not only be part of entertainment but may they also include thoughts which can bring some good changes in society especially for the contribution of woman.
All the best.

My rating 3 out of 5

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