Monday, August 3, 2020

Shakuntala Devi Human Computer:- A Movie Review

A beautiful movie but it forgets the mathematical journey of Shakuntala Devi

What do you expect from a movie named after a genius? Previously there were few Hollywood movies made about mathematics, but I don’t remember Bollywood had any (apart Super 30 of Anand Kumar). As a student of Math, a movie about Human-computer Shakuntala Devi appealed to me, unlike any other regular movies.

A life journey of a mathematician who holds a Guinness World Record for the fastest mental calculation would be an inspiration and treat for anyone who watches her. Vidya Balan as Shakuntala Devi is a justice done to the character. Amazon Prime premiered the movie in the last week of July 2020. Sadly, the audio is available only in the Hindi language, but it has an English subtitle.

Shakuntala Devi, with no formal schooling and education, had limitless math solving ability and outperforms in shows starting from Bangalore of India to the various parts of the world. But the movie is more about her personal relationships with her mother and her daughter than about her mathematical achievements. This movie is a collection of experiences of the journey of forgiveness to her mother, which she realizes after she encounters the problem in a relationship with her daughter.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

I expected that movie will talk more about Shakuntala Devi’s struggle in mathematical success, however, it seems to avoid most of them. Yes, the movie also talks about lots of fascinating math shows, but I wish it also had stories of her hurdles and achievements as a woman mathematician which she encountered in her life.

The 127-minute long movie is more like a family movie. From the beginning to the end, the story evolves mostly in a common language understood by common people, as viewers do not need any mathematics knowledge. Apart from the few animations of numbers shown on the screen, the movie has very little to do with mathematics but mostly Shakuntala Devi's personal life.

Did the production house of Shakuntala Devi forget about the advantage of dubbing in additional language? The movie could reach a bigger audience in that case.

I wish, in the future when a director makes a biopic movie, I wish they do not forget to elaborate on the work of those gems.

Movie recommended:- Yes
My rating:- 3.5 out of 5

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Friday, June 14, 2019

AliExpress & UMIDIGI A5 Pro Android 9.0 Pre Sale Fact


After attracted by very good configuration and features of UMIDIGI A5 Pro, Did you order this phone from AliExpress just to land in shock?

Yes, Even I had to. In the third week of May, UMIDIGI marketed its product and within three days, more than 12000 pieces were sold at about 95 dollar price.

The special feature of this phone is 4GB RAM with 32 GB ROM, P23 helium octa core and triple camera.

 The phone looks decent. That is why till now as of 13th June 2019, more than 19000 pieces are sold in aliexpress. But wait, let me also tell you that none of them has yet been shipped.

In the information before buying, they nowhere mention that this is pre-order. Only after buying you see information like this.

As of 21st May, when I bought a phone on the second day of sale, the processing time was 45 days and it has not yet been shipped till today.

It was confirmed to me by shipper in a message saying,

 Dear buyer, the A5 Pro is pre-sale, it will be in stock next month(Expected on the 12th,maybe early).When we get the stock, we will ship each customer according to the order, thank you for your patience.

 While initial estimation was 12th June, later they changed the date to 25th June with the following type of message.

Dear friend!
 Great thanks for purchasing UMIDIGI products. Have you noted that the UMIDIGI A5 Pro is a pre-sale item? We need more time to test the new model due to there is a big amount of demand for the product. The phone will be avaialbe in stock between June 25 - June 28, and your phone will be sent out between June 25 - July 5 according to the order sequence. We are trying our best to speed the manufacture process and we are working hard everyday on it. We are appreciating your great patience and understanding. And we wish you will love the final gorgeous product once you open the box. If you need to change information for your order, please send us message again. Thanks for your understanding. UMIDIGI is a small company and a hardware startup devoted to creating thrilling, touching and premium products with super user experience and affordable prices for everyone to enjoy the happiness which quality technology brings us. Since our team is founded, we've been working hard every day to chase our ambition dream.
 Best wishes, UMIDIGI Official Store

I personally had never seen such a long time for the pre-sale phone. By attracting customers in the name of low price, they have collected almost 19000 (nineteen thousand presale order). 12000 of those order were collected on the third day itself while other 7000 are done since then. With such a high number of order, these company might take minimum July 15 to ship all these orders.

Let's say, every phone at the price of 90 $ bought in advance of 45 days, total money they collected is 

90 * 19000 = 1,710,000$ 

i.e. One million and seven hundred and ten thousand dollars.

WOoooooo. This is a very big amount to collect for investment. 

The bad part of this Pre-sale scam is that customer don't know about this before they buy.

And yes, to the worst,
this phone doesn't have any insurance. So, if it stops in mid-way, you are gone!

It may be gone actually. 

I will write a detailed review of the phone once I get it. 

Till then see ya. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

How to Check Result for Electronic Diversity Visa (EDV) Lottery 2020?

Hey, Have you applied for EDV Lottery 2020?

If you had applied, the result has been announced.

So, if you are wondering how to check Result for Electronic Diversity Visa (EDV) Lottery 2020, I will tell you.

You do not need to pay any individual or organization, 

Simply go to

and enter your details.

If the server is not working, just be relaxed! 
You can visit the site again after a few hours and check it.

If you made it, Congratulations

If you haven't, All the best for next year.

Be free to write below in comment box if you won. 
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