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Jai Ho Movie Review: A movie can make a Difference.

Jai Ho Movie Review: Can One Movie Make a Difference?

Jai Ho
Release Date: January 24, 2014Star-Cast: Salman Khan, Daisy Shah,Tabu, Danny DenzongpaDirector: Sohail Khan  
Music Director:Sajid-Wajid
Producer: Sohail Khan, Sunil Lulla
Genre: Drama

"If you feel I have helped in you any sense, Help 3 other people anytime in your life and ask them to help 3 other people....."

In 2013, three super-hit movies crossed magical figure of two hundred crores. Reaching to this record was landmark for not only movies, actors and directors, but it was also for Bollywood where only one movies before that time had achieved that feat. Sadly, all of these three movies were not only heavily criticized, but given thumps down by many group of viewers. Though Salman Khan himself had not featured in any of these movies, many people preferred staying out first day show of his latest Release 'Jai Ho'. The reason is same: his last few movies, BodyGaurd, Ek tha Tiger and Dabaang 2 were not widely accepted beyond his fan circle, though they were commercially super hit. No doubt, with huge fan following of Salman Khan, his movies are in safe side but it was to see how this movie is made. People were waiting if it is just a commercial movie or something that can be said, 'Jai Ho'!

 As fenil seta mentioned in his bollywood talk, 'Jai Ho' was not promoted in such high level and I myself didn't knew about the movie till I saw promo 2 weeks back. I had not watched its original telegu version 'Stalin', but I liked the promo and hence went to see it. Thankfully, I could make it in first day first show. No matter I had to spend around 400 bucks as total expense, I came out of theater with satisfied and happy face with determination, I will see it second time also. Truly, It is one of the very few movie which has made me feel so.

Few years back, Raj Kumar Hirani had made "Lage Raho Munna Bhai". The theme of the movie not only went viral among the people, but Gandhigiri thought was also taken by people which brought positive response. 3 Idiot brought a good message about educational revolution. From today onwards, there will be one more name, 'Jai Ho'.  

Plot of the Story

For not following the order of High Commands during a terrorist attack, Salman Khan as 'Jai' was suspended from army. He keeps helping people in their need. In one of the scene in school,  he encounters with Genelia Deshmukh as 'Suman'. Being handicapped, she asks for the help to write her exam. Jai helps her. During her next exam, when her brother was on the way to help her, he was trapped in traffic jam. The road was block for the security of 'Home minister Denny Denzgonpa as Dasrath Singh's Daughter. Suman finds helps from no one. With frustration, She takes her own life. Her brother files an fire against misuse of security but he finds no way.

In another scene, Jai smartly catches a thief that has stolen a child of one family. They thank him where he replies the above mentioned first line dialogue. Similarly he keeps helping many other people and spreading a message, "Don't thank me, but help other three people in a need and ask them to help other three." To spread this good message, he meets with earlier people whom he has helped. They reply him with excuses stating about their busy life. There are the ways to be disappointed, but his mother says, don't give it up.

With his personal rivarly reaching Home Minister Dasrath Singh, story goes ahead in second half. Lots of actions, music, jokes and a message to spread, this is all about Jai Ho!

My view
The Story works very well. Despite being remake of telegu movie, the movie is a treat for everyone who watches them. Movie starts with a Song "Love you till the end" and Salman Khan entering is like his earlier movies. The action and then Song, "Apna Kaam Banta, Bhaad me jaye janta". In starting first half an hour, song comes repetitively one after another. Salman Khan Dance, Acting and action are awesome as you can see people shouting and hooting. There are fight and stuns where you find Salman Khan conquering other like One man Army. First half is entertaining. The story peaks at times where they start sharing the message and you will feel really amazed. Yes, the telugu movie  had also same story but even if you see with the already known, you will find it superb. Your nerves will be cold and along with those packs of entertainments, you will be in conclusion, "Has any such movies been made in Bollywood? Has any well-known actor played his role so effectively?.

There are many different scene in the first half that makes the base for second half. Second half is bit lengthy, slow in starting and has some comedy and songs. I personally felt it was like disturbing the joy of watching this movie. It was not because they were boring or they had any low performance but it will look like we have switched to other channel. Still, once the drama begins, it works very well. Movie keeps the pace and last half an hour is full of everything you need. Salman fight is the again you will love but more than that the spreading of message which was started in first half. The climax is superb that can make you happy, letting you forget if there were any errors or dull moment during any part of movie

Some Comedy works but few poor jokes should have been avoided. One of the worst joke is pink color underwear. Though this makes people around you laugh, but this is not the sensible joke that a movie of this level can afford to keep. When you see the movie, you realize some of the plot are kept by random mind. When Jai is helping a disable girl for her exam, it shows he is helping in the same class where others are giving exam. It is always known that there will be separate exam room for physically challenged students. During the climax time, you keep wondering how will  army crane come suddenly in the Mumbai-pune highway. It is even taken inside the compound of city hospital. It is good to watch but director should have thought about some realistic plot instead.

One of the best thing I liked about this movie is its theme. What can be good way to motivate people. There have been many low-budget movies that was made for some cause, but we have rarely seen star celebrity doing such movie. A man with millions of fan around him has done it and it is to see how people take this message.

Salman Khan has given so many good performances in past that it will be injustice for other movies to say Jai Ho as best performing movies. I am sure, even he will remember this for his extra-notable peformance. The Script, Story and Theme of Movie is above average, but its Salman and only Salman who steals the show. Tabbu as sister of salman khan plays very well and she has given good support to Jai's role. In fact, she has greater role than new actress Daisy Shah. The only time Diasy is shown with the focus is during her dance in the song Nacho Re. She has not been given the focus of movie and she has limited role to play, and some more role in this debut movie could have been her dream come true in bollywood. Yash Tonk as friend of Jai has some few good role to play. The main antagonist Dasrath and his son,  is seen only in the second half of movie but they have a very powerful performance though Dany has limited. Sunil Shetty, Genelia Deshmukh are in special apperance. The role of Jai's mother could have been better played. Overall, the cast performance is average but its Salman who rocks the entire show.

Music of the movies is average. They could have been placed well. Repetitive songs halts the story line, especially 'Tere Naina' and 'Tumko to aana hi tha...'. The title song Jai Ho is kept in end, which is another disappointment. They could have place it somewhere in second half. You can see more in my songs review of Jai ho.

As I said earlier, script works very well. Hats off to story and Direction. Sohail Khan must be happy with his direction and there are many more place to improve in coming time.

Overall, the movie is one of the best I have seen in Bollywood. Dialogues are entertaining and the main idea of movie will be remembered for long time. If this good message spreads well, we can expect many such movies to come in coming time. It is not only the mass movie where you see action, drama and comedy, but it is also the movie for good cause. And Believe me, you can see it again and again...

A must watch, if not in theater, atleast in television. But if you are watching it in home, you will miss 
the salman effect that you find in theaters. Don't miss the show, Grab it.

Yes, as there is one dialogue where Salman Khan Says, "One man can make a difference". In reply to this, I say, One movie can make a Difference.

My rating: 4.0 out of 5


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