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An Anurag Basu Film...

Simply, An Anurag Basu Film

He is known for his beautiful love story Gangster that has touched heart of many people. He is known for his unique story like Life in the Metro, and he even don't need to insert dialogues to communicate through the movie like as of 'Barfi'. He has been outstanding and undoubtedly, one of the successful director of Bollywood, though he might have taken very few project. Along with Story and direction, all his movie has one thing special, i.e. great combo of music! I have loved most of them especially from Kites, "Zindagi, Do pal ki" and 'Baatein Kuch Ankahee' from Life in A metro.

Having witness his work in many of the big movies of Bollywood, I got an opportunity to watch the special preview of Sunsilk Real FM, all thanks to Indiblogger and SunSilk who had organized the meet. What appealed me for going to this Movie was its promo and the name, Anurag Basu. In the end, film turned out more than what I could ever expected and one of the best entertainer produced for small screen.

Plot of the Film 'Sunsilk Real Fm'
The film Real FM is in real trouble. Misguided by an arrogant employer, all the staff working in FM wants hike in their monthly salary threatening for Combined quit. Failing to convince his staff, Rhea's father gets heart attack.
The next day is 'Independence day' for the country but for Rhea, everything is in stake. She has to run her radio without the help of any regular staff. Quite difficult is to handle the music and sound System of FM, but Rhea does it along with her friend. She not only broadcasts the radio, she makes the day very special, to celebrate the indepedence day with special programs. Of course, there are many hurdles around, but as a matured girl, she deals every of them with confidence and her talent. She has three friends with her Natasha, Salomi and Akanksha. All special in their own way, all performing in their own way.

So, you need to see how do Rhea really make things on her way? What are the interesting stuff she does it in the challenging day of Independence day? What are the challenges she faces? Then what will be the climax?  Watch more on 7 PM, Sunday, 23rd March 2014 on MTV.

The film 'Sunsilk Real FM' is story of Rhea and her friends who deals with life changing challenge. Though the  Story moves around these girls who handles the problem to save their stake, there are many issues film deals with, yet entertaining viewer with comedy, music, dialogues and stunning performances rarely to be seen for small screen.

Written by Anurag Basu himself, Story works very well. He has compromised in no way thinking it is just a small screen. Film focuses on many of issues that is around our surrounding. The first one is related with women empowerment. Yes, today a girl can do anything. When they are given the opportunity, they can not only excel in their talent, but they can also handle things very well. Determination of Rhea, Smartness of Natasha, Uniqueness of Akanksha and talent of Saloni. Rhea leads the show where saloni steals the climax with her beautiful performance.

Another issue that movie mentions is about people outside from Mumbai. They are well captured in smart way, making viewer notice of it on different occasion. The repetitive persecution  to North Indians and comments to North East as 'Chinese or Chini' is kept within the film with every individual having their own story.

Undoubtedly, Music is one of the best part of the movie. 28 States and their Songs, this is one of the best theme which any film/movie might have mentioned before this. We think much about cultural integrity, but we rarely reflect it in our action. But this time, Story of the movie includes all of them. They might be imperfect in their limitation, but still giving a message about our rich culture and in-depth Indian music. Story accepts the 28 states music. To know how, watch the film.
Different types of music are kept within the film. From Chhatisgarh to Punjab, Gujarat to Tripura and Tamilnadu to Kashmir. They give true satisfaction when we watch this, not only the entertainment.

I am sure, you will love the last song sang by Saloni in the Film. That is one of the most beautiful part of film. "Chhote chhote khusi ke liye". Lyrics is fantastic and you want to keep listening it again and again.
Check the part of song in this promo.

One question may arise in every mind as I had. When the title is embedded with Sunsilk, it might be product centric. No, the film is pure entertainer and as Anurag Basu himself said in one of video, the idea has been extracted from Brand and sunsilk brings no disturbance within the entire part of film.

Akarsh Khurana Direction works very good. I wish to see this film in Big Screen itself. It will really work.

The first film of MTV films by Sunsilk is beautifully made. Hope other films in this series have similar effort and they are worthy to watch.
My rating 4.5 out of 5

Watch its promo. 
Give it a try this Sunday 7 PM on 23rd March on MTV and let me know how you found it.

Keep Watching, Keep Blogging.

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