Wednesday, May 8, 2019

How to Check Result for Electronic Diversity Visa (EDV) Lottery 2020?

Hey, Have you applied for EDV Lottery 2020?

If you had applied, the result has been announced.

So, if you are wondering how to check Result for Electronic Diversity Visa (EDV) Lottery 2020, I will tell you.

You do not need to pay any individual or organization, 

Simply go to

and enter your details.

If the server is not working, just be relaxed! 
You can visit the site again after a few hours and check it.

If you made it, Congratulations

If you haven't, All the best for next year.

Be free to write below in comment box if you won. 

How to Install Whatsapp In Amazon Kindle Fire 8.0

Hello Friends.

If you have recently purchased your new amazon kindle fire or recently reset your tablet, you might have tried to install WhatsApp in your device which might have failed.

Whatsapp is not available in the Amazon store, so you need to get it some from another source. The best and reliable source is always your own copy. For this
1) You can get apk files from your other device
2) Transfer it to your fire tablet
3) Install it

But if your WhatsApp is a recent version, you might have been unsucceeded in completing the process.

I will tell you how to solve Installing Whatsapp In Amazon Kindle Fire 8.0

As I bought my new device in November, I easily installed WhatsApp but later while trying to update it, an update was rejected saying Whatsapp is not compatible with my device.

After many hit and trial methods, I found one version working with it and I successfully installed it.

So, if you also want to install WhatsApp in your device, you can install the following version. Simply search the given version or earlier on the internet and install it.

Hope you will be successful.

In the case you didnt find this version, drop your email id, I will sent you in your mail.

Happy Blogging.

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