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Nokia X3:- Music Phone with Slider

Nokia X3-00 :Music Express Phone with Slider

Product type: Mobile handset
Model: Nokia X3
Market price:- 6400 ( I had brought for this amount but price may vary according to place and time)

Nokia’s music express series in earlier models were one of its popular and accepted phone especially by most of the youth. In the recent time their music express phone especially nokia 5130 had got lots of technical error varying from the date of purchase of fifteen days. Though we expect a phone to work efficiently till atleast one year of purchase, nokia failed to stand up in its expectation. Their one year warranties didn’t either was of any help because a small reason was enough for non-functioning of the phone.

Still, because of the non-availability of new + good + comparative cheaper Sony Ericson phone and my repelling interest towards Samsung phone, I decided to buy Nokia phone as their software function also are user friendly.

Nokia X3-00 was available on 6400.00 in the end of July. It is a 2G phone (not 3G phone)
Their function at the glance were,
1) Music express phone with slide
2) 3.2 mega pixel camera (flash not available)
3) Dedicated button key for music player, volume and camera
4) large display

Accessories available with Nokia X3-00

1)    1) 2 GB memory card free

2)      3.5 mm Headphone (this one is of new type ear-phone which nokia has been providing with its new model. This headphone is better than of their earlier model which looks stable and well-covered too. And thanks that they assembled 3.5 mm Headphone jack which can be connected with computer headphones too)

3) Data cable – but it is again not longer than 1foot. Don’t know why nokia is being so greedy in all these.

        4)      Charger adaptor and PC suite Cd

It has been more than three months since I am using this phone, and following are my experience regarding their functions and application.

1)      Firstly, the most important thing, Phone calling. Phone calling through this phone is better than of nokia’s earlier model. Its voice clarity is good and good network connectivity.

2)      As usual, nokia comes with larger phone book storage power and field option of multiple phone number entries, email and so on. Its flexible option to back up contacts in memory card or pc can be of great help if well-used. This can help you prevention of loss of phone numbers if phone error is found

3)      Battery power is improved than as of other phone but if you are frequent user, its battery power will not company you till the end of second day. So, daily charging is necessity with this phone.

4)      As it has a camera of 3.2 mp, you will love its image. Its clarity are better than of any other brands’ 3.2 mp phone. This gives you function of zooming and cropping of picture in different size as of your need. So cropping through phone itself outcomes better picture than of computer cropping.

5)      The phone memory of this phone is about 64 MB which can be used in storing more number of applications. (but yeah, if you are interested in installing 100s of application, this is not a correct phone for you). Another limitation of using Nokia application is that this phone doesn’t support minimizing application or multiple use of application at a time. So this can be a concern why this function is lacking even in this phone.

6)      Application of E-mail which they have pre-installed in this phone comes with the option of signing in through various email ids. Viewing of personal message of any of your account is a type as of ok! You can compose mail also with the file attachments and using recently used email address too.

But you will experience a big problem in email viewing. Don’t assume it to be as any other E-series or black berry phone.
Here, instead of the given link, you will see the entire html code and web link in any email which is a bit-irritating. Opera mini is better option to this

Inserting/storing of email id through direct phone book is possible, but only to that contact whose rank is upto 100 in phone book order. Suppose if you need adding email contact of person starting from M and in dictionary order, if it its rank is 103, inserting email id of this contact is not possible.

7)      It has the option of hindi language for phone setting as of earlier nokia phone and typing messages in hindi is also possible

8)      It comes with few installed games but also to be noted that its keypad are bit sensitive one and it may not last long.

9)      Message inbox- it can be viewed both in inbox or conversation (Chat) view. As usual, nokia gives you the option to save unlimited number of messages but again, speed of phone functioning is inversely proportional to number of message saved. So if you happen to cross 4000+ sms, your phone may suffer with repetitive hanging and slow functioning.

10)   Advanced web-browser- Here, nokia is trying to give you advance web browser, as through its own browser u can open bigger site. But it has its own limitation. Because this one being 2G phone, internet connection through browser is too slow and if you are using internet with small data plan, you will end up losing money as this one is not so reliable. You can use opera-mini for efficient use.

11)   You-tube video- Through one of its you-tube bookmarks, you can see videos easily on this phone. So, this is good that video playing is smooth with this phone.

12)   With dedicated music keys, you will have an option to play music smoothly and they have separate keys for volume too. Its sound even if played through phone itself are good and of normal sound level which wont irritate you as other Chinese phone. But remember, if you have kept your phone unlocked, your music can be played with just a touch in sensitive time too. It has very good voice clarity

13)   It has wireless fm radio, through which you won’t need headphone to play fm. Fm

14)   I have 2 GB memory card, but if you are a music lover, you can replace with 8 GB memory card. Till that level, I am sure it won’t have any functioning problem till that extent as it extended memory is of 16 GB..

15)   Internet connectivity through PC suite with this mobile is slower than as of other phone.

16)   As I earlier said, its keypad is a bit sensitive and it may not be same after one or one and half year of usage. As it is slide phone, chance of phone slide being loose sooner can’t be ignored.

17)   Small ignorance or few fall of phone even from low height can effect this phone. So, with all these, we can find lacking of product durability…

This is a better phone than as of Nokia’s earlier product, but today on the price of 6.4k or with adding 1k, you can owe a good phone in 3G connectivity. Nokia’s negligence effort in improving application and Email function can be seen in this phone also.
If you are seeking phone just for normal and camera use, you may like it, but this may not be a first choice for rest of people…

So as all my rating of 3 star out of 5.

Be free to comment, and if anyone using this phone, please do share your experience.

Revolution 2020:- The unmatured Book by National writer

Revolution 2020:- The unmatured Book By National writer

Product type- Book
Title of book- Revolution 2020: love, corruption, ambition 
 Writer- Chetan Bhagat
Book released- October 2011
 Other book from writer:-
Five point Someone, Two states, Three mistakes of my life..

"To dream for Revolution among Society and the people is not a simple job..
But, Revolution can be successfully achieved only with the discipline and respect among each others...
So, for that decency of language is the most needed..
and Make sure, you are always down to earth when you are in this Journey!!!

If this lacks on you, Its not the Revolution you had actually desired,
But its the Fame, popularity and Wealth you are actually interested!!! "......


Revolution 2020 Review:

Better call it ’CORRUPTION 2011’

I had finished reading this book before two weeks and was in the real dilemma, how to review this book? After thinking lot, I have finally penned it down.

This review is my own personal view and most of his fans or Chetan Bhagat himself Disagree with this one. Be free to leave your Comment.

Revolution 2020
Love, Corruption and Ambition.

Title of the book looked promising, but Never judge a book just because of its cover.

2 States was the first fiction book I’d ever read and though it was not so enjoyable book, reading chetan bhagat had helped me start reading with the book. Later as I read two of his other book, 5 Point someone and 3 Mistakes of my life, I made my mind to read his new releasing book ‘Revolution 2020’. Its price through was 84 and pre- ordered it 2 months before its release.

3 Childhood friend:- In the city of Varanasi, Gopal, Aarti, and Raghav grow up from same school to have their career in different field. Raghav’s talent helps him reach IIT at Banaras Hindu University while Gopal, the poor guy goes to kota to prepare and repat the engineering entrance exam again. During these time Aarti and Raghav gets close to each other and fall in love. This brings dispute among Gopal and Raghav.

Raghav interested in journalism more than engineering has an ambition to work against corruption while despite not going to college Gopal turns out to be director of Ganga-tech engineering college. Then rest of story is all about Raghav attempts to fight against corruption and his indirect fight with Gopal.

Yeah, The book seems like a love story too… But if it is actually a love story, I am confused…

And not to forget, the main content of the book… Lots of f**k word included with few other vulgar words
Is this book focused about revolution?

It is not. It never seems like he has stressed on this topic. Only after two-third of book is completed, he tries focusing on the main content while before that it seems he has filled book with umpteen numbers of boring topics just to create a background. Even he lacks with proper idea to conclude this book forgetting the title of book and forgetting if he is writing an improper love story or anything else?

Here he has shown the extreme limit of corruption done to establish a institute and educational system and have brought among the public. From a first job of Building construction to AICTE approvement, Mr Bhagat has shown number of corruptions. Let us look how if this theme will bring some clear reality among the people. He has included corruption done by MLA and his condition after resigning from the post. But he has hardly penned something about called revolution....

So title ’Corruption 2011’ would have been the better than ’Revolution 2020’

Even in this book, he has dealt about the Student Pressure during competitive exams and their inability to reach the victory target. This is something which many of the books and movies have included many times. He himself being student of IIT and IIM, he could have written something about dark horse winning the race or something which can really inspire students. He lacks it here.. Overall he lacks the creativity and new idea in this book

In this book, he again stresses about ‘failure student’ and yeah, let me clarify, in all of his books, the failure student are the compliment set of IIT’s and IIM’s. Just because he has reached County’s most of the prestigious college means he is a winner? Is it that all students out of IIT and IIM are failure student?
Kindly please stop this attitude because don’t forget, if anyone will be reading your book, they will not be any iitians or iim student but just a simple and average students.

Is this book a readable one?

Initially, what I had was little praise of words to Mr. Bhagat for including the topic of Corruption in his book Revolution 2020. May be it was his inner desire to write about such topic. I appreciate his writing the book in such a simple words. His attempts to reach youths not knowing higher level English is a type of gambling he has played, and maybe he’ll succeed reaching first timers too.

But again you get in a doubt if Revolution 2020 is a book written by a writer who claims himself as ‘India’s most loved and respected writer’?

He has nothing more than describing the Dress or clothes of girl and you hardly can find any sensible or creative literature used here. The language used in book itself is easier than Gulmohar book of lower-secondary school and not to forget errors and printing mistakes in book.

Rather than spreading social awareness in his book, It looks like his vision to write a book is more about making familiarity with people about vulgar words. His adaptation with the ‘sex’ in every of the book and inclusion of ‘f**k word’ in almost every of the alternate pages proves it.

Mr. Bhagat, is it what you want to spread among the people? We all know many of the writers follow the same procedure but how about starting the revolution of writing books with gentle word?

With all these, his claim of being India’s most loved and respected writer contradicts.

My Conclusion-

I had respect for Chetan Bhagat as writer, but I don’t think I will be reading any of his upcoming books unless it will be with top class gentle language.

I don’t mind people reading this book, but if you are among those gentle people who believe in the decency and if you are those who hate vulgar words, please don’t read this book because you may end up your mind filled with dirty words lot earlier you finish this book.

And Dear Chetan Bhagat, Next time you write another book, please mention the vulgarity class of the language you are using in it.

My rating 2 out of 5


Book Review:- Can love Happen twice? - By Ravinder SIngh

Review:- Can Love Happen Twice, Ravinder Singh

Review  of:- Book
Title of Book- Can Love Happen twice?
Writer- Ravinder Singh
His other book:- I too had a love story


Ravinder Singh’s first book, ’I too had a love story’ is famous among many of people (especially young girls) because of sad ending where writer had said it is his own life story. It was a bit emotional which touched reader’s heart irrespective of simple languages, simple story and it got marked as Best seller despite of its few flaws and avoidable mistake presence in the book.

Now he is back with his second book which he writes as his own story after departure of khushi (His beloved girl friend who had died in the truck accident in his first book ’I too had a love story’). So one hand he has tried taking the advantage in promotion as "Sequel of his first book" while on the other hand it seems he is bound with plot of his first novel which could only restrict him to widening of stories.
The Book claims, it is all about Ravinder Singh after he lost his girl friend.

Can love happen twice Plot-

On the evening of 14th feb, valentine’s day, Ravin and his thee best friends are invited for a radio show in Chandigarh, ‘Raat gayi, baat baki’. Ravin was supposed to talk about his bestselling book ‘I too had a love Story’ and life after that. But only his three friends could turned up. With the show going forward, they revealed where Ravin is actually now. This brings the curiosity what situation made those happen in his life. With the curiosity on peak, one of his friends start reading his written diary as collection of happening of his life in Belgium, narrating the story live in one of Chandigarh’s Fm.

Back flash of story as main plot starts with Ravin life getting back in track in Belgium where he is sent for his office work. Among many Indians he found in Brussels, he finds a girl ‘Simar’ as his friend who is doing Mba in a same city, Just ten minutes away from his office. From their co-incident meeting of Gym place and sandwich shop, along with time, they get friend with each other. With her friend, She visits his room for the first time on his birthday. Since that time their frequency of communication increases and they get close to each other.
But will Ravin be able to come across his beloved love? Will he accept Simar as his other love of his life? Which moment actually brings him in the miserable state? Will love happen for the second time? What will be the end of this story? What was the secret of his life that everyone is eager to listen?

Book as a sequel. Does it work?

As I said earlier, making Can love Happen Twice as sequel of his book, he got a plus point for his book promotion. This sequel plot also few craziness to learn and eagerness to know the remaining plot of story. Three friends meeting in a car, and then story goes smoothly for a while. But it looks like he has spent the enough pages before main story starts.

Making a sequel book may not ask so many new creative, leading to lesser effort to create a main plot but again to connect two books becomes more than a tough job. Here writer is bounded with definite opening and closing plot which stops the new story come to effect in this book. So writer seems lacking few of these things here.

My view on Story            
Story of book can nowhere be said as unique. The main story is a common story that we have been getting in our Bollywood movies. It’s Looks like he has not been able to connect one scene with the preceding scene properly in few of the phase.

Placement of past scene as recalling past moments adds value and fragrance to the story but he uses these techniques only limited times.

Reading story one time is ok! With initial suspense, story looks interesting in early pages. But trend of slow moving, especially when Ravin’s life in Belgium begins it somewhere brings boredom to readers. The middle part of book could have been much better.

Language decency used in the book is acceptable and he has been careful by not detailing some of the scene which could have lead to vulgarism. I want to thank Ravinder Singh for this. Though his mode of writing is as simple as his earlier books, he has been able to describe the abstract part of the nature and his surrounding to some extent, still a genuine and unique framing of creativity lacks in this novel.

Story could have been much better, especially had he arranged few more plots with ‘Khushi’ (he has shown only one presence of her). Her inclusion in the story in his sad phase could have added interest the climax of novel is good but is not so appealing where it feels like he is running of time and in hurry to end the story.

Few more plots of twist and romance especially including ‘Simar’ as leading girl was a necessity but first 36th to 150th pages of book is dominated by Ravin over shadowing presence of Simar or any other character in the story.

The last phase of realization could have been extended to some extent but again, its on to person to person how he is dealing with the story and we should realize a same plot can bring numerous stories if written by many people.    

My Conclusion-
Writer says, he has written this book to awake youth generation where relation has been ending by heart break rather than heart-fail. He couldn’t stand up fullest on his own expectation. Still, spreading the message is ok to some extent. It seems like some scene were unlinked and some were

I liked the book but I surely won’t say I loved the book. Book is one time readable for some people but some other part of people or youth may not like this one.

It is purely a love-story book, so don’t expect to get any extra masala here. Still, had he added some more flavors on book, it would be worth reading.

My rating-
0.5 for making it as sequel
0.5 for suspense in beginning and end
1.0 for story and
0.5 for its readability

Overall 2.5 out of 5

Be free to put comments.

Movie Review: Rowdy Rathore

Movie Review: Rowdy Rathore

Product Details

Release Date: June 01 2012 Star-Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha
Director: Prabhu Dheva
Music Director: Sajid-Wajid
Genre: Action Comedy

In last few years, Akshay Kumar has been delivering the comedy movies where he has found love of his fans, but some or other way action lovers might had missed his powerful roles as of Khiladi series (or may be I might be unaware of his action movies released in last few years). Still, there comes no second thought that Akshay has been successful in comedy movies.
 The recents trend of Dabang, Bodygaurd and Singham where movies have been commercially super-hit whereas Wanted, Dabaang and Singham are liked by many people. If you are the one who had enjoyed every punch of heroes in wanted and singham, you may like this movie; If you have enjoyed Salman’s Dabaang Character, you may like this movie.

Rowdy Rathore, as known by all, it is remake of south-Indian movie where you find both comedy and actions. As I haven’t seen its original movie, I can’t say what percent of movie story is the remake but one thing for sure, if you have kept your logical and reasoning mind aside while watching the movie, you will surely enjoy it. Here, you can see two different Akshay Kumar:- the comedian and the fighter.
Shiva (akshay kumar) is a clever thief in Mumbai whose daily job is to steal things from people. On his daily activities, he happens to meet with Paru (Sonakshi Sinha) who has come for a weeding from Patna. They get close to each other and fall in love. While attending a marriage party, Shiva confesses he is a thief and promises he will change the way. But some incident leads him finding a little girl who calls Shiva as her father. His life in the movie changes after that!
On the other hand, Vikram Rathore (other role of Akshay Kumar) is a stable ACP who had fought against the criminal as one man army. While trying to Conquer evil of Devgadh, he gets defeated and life also turns different for him. Both of them get to meet in an incident to save  daughter of VIkram Rathore. Then the movie is all about recalling past days of Vikram Rathore and how the evil is conquered in the later stage of climax.
Akshay Kumar is superb in his comeback of action movies. You can feel a geniun enthusiasm when he shouts a dialogue and his punches are crowd pullers. Some or other way, though for limited time, it can be considered as one of the best action performances by Akshay Kumar. In other side, his comedy role as a thief and as a finisher is slightly different than of his earlier movies. You may feel this role somewhere as mindless role by salman khan of dabaang but again, he is unique here and if the movie happens to get listed as super-hit, the maximum credit will surely go to Akshay kumar for his powerful double role.
Sonakshi Sinha as paru has not been given maximum role, still she is well fitted in it. Her dance and her performances are highlight of the show. And as a movie is fully male-dominant, it is an acceptable role for an actress.
Other supporting stars including villain team, though in their limited roles bring the best performance in movies

The script of movie is ok type. Movie has very less suspense hidden in it and dialogues of the movie are limited. May be few more powerful dialogues and a bit longer role for Vikram Rathore could have made movie a bit interesting. Songs of the movie are good but not so of the distinction level. A good compose/lyrics could have made difference in the movie.
The start and end of both halves of movie are excellent while in between, movie goes down. But as the start is fine and end is fine, movie can surely be considered as good movies of industry
Personally I didn’t find the role of shiva as efficient as of Vikram Rathore, (may be vikram steals the show with action though in shorter time). The romance of second half looks like diversion of road and it could have been avoided. I didn’t like the mix of comedy and action as it somewhere seems dilution of sweetness. As Movie is neither fully action packed nor it seems a great comedy. Love story wont be the topic to discuss either. I would have loved had there been Variation in songs and music.
Movie will be super hit but even if it crosses 100 crore + earning club (it may not cross too), figure won’t go so much beyond.  Let us see how movie will fare in coming two days of this weekend.

My rating: 3 out of 5 star
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