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Book Review: The Promise By Nikita Singh

The Promises and Life After...

Review of: Book
Book Title:- The promise
Writer: Nikita Singh

As the relation goes on smoothly and as we find ourselves deeply involved with each others; there comes a planning for future. With those planning, their come Promises. Promises to be with each other and be part of each other in every of the coming days, either in the miserable phase or the greatest romance. Promises are made hoping they last for lifetime, but if broken, things might be different. Life might be somersaulted and cohesive relation may turn again to strangers.

Nikita Singh after the massive success of her book ’If it’s not forever...’ love story cum suspense book co-authored with Durjoy Dutta had released another book in first week of January. This time she has written a romance fiction plotted in city of Madhya Pradesh ’Indore’. The readers don’t have suspense of stories during this book, yet worth reading for few of the plot Nikita has written.

Sambhavi is a simple girl with her own ideas of life. She has complexity and struggle; yet she is cheerful and energetic. In one of her main project in Interior designing, she met with Arjun; rich and owner of one of the well established furniture. Though Arjun has a huge fame, large money, he is hardworking and isolated. Along with time, they met with each other. In some time, they make promise to fulfill every other promise. But a moment occurs in both of them where Arjun finds himself in the same stage as he was years ago just to find Life and Relations are not as easy as we think they are.

How are promises fared there after? How their life changes and to what they can understand each other? This is all about Promise, a simple Book where you won’t find any thrilling experience but worthy to read; to inspire and to be inspired.

My view
I remember, somebody had said me recently, "Promises are not to be mere in words, they are to be fulfilled through actions as time demands." Well Said. In many of the moments, sometime because of our past and sometime because of our future, we forget the promise we have taken. We fail to fulfill them and Life can be disaster after that. The boy and his group of friends blames girl while the same happens other side. The Game of Blame keeps going on without knowing both have failed in relation and for reconciliation, both need to understand each other.

Nikita Singh has well-utilized the theme of this Book. Romans are always fascinating, but she has shown the cost life can bear from them. In simple reading one can understand the book. As we go through the book after halfway, there comes two plots which are unexpected for sure and they are the incident that fiction travels through. She has not added only problems but the solutions too. She has framed life of Sambhavi in different struggling part and that is for sure going to be ’points to be noted’ or ’ a small step for the change’.

Though the book is focused on the life of Girl, She has not outlined a Guy views in fiction. She has been unbiased and she has shown life from Boy’s perception too. She has focused on his loneliness, his past, his views and also his desire to fulfill the promises. So Book is going to be Good read.


In her fourth fiction Book, Nikita has shown maturity of writing which she can give her best in coming days. Books could have been better than it is but theme of the book is something which very few writers in modern Indian fiction have written about. Though Book goes very slow and can be boring in first 50 pages but as it reaches the plot, interests are generated. I liked the decency of languages she has used as it is readable. Thank you Nikita for Special care of this.
Hope to see your books will not only be part of entertainment but may they also include thoughts which can bring some good changes in society especially for the contribution of woman.
All the best.

My rating 3 out of 5

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