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Review: Chennai Express; The end of an era of King Khan?

The end of an era of King Khan?
Review of Movie
Chennai Express
Release Date: August 08, 2013
Star-Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Nikitin Dheer, Priyamani, Sathyaraj.
Director: Rohit Shetty

There is always a debate "if SRK should try releasing his movies on non-festival time to find out how well his movies really do in market?" After getting his last movie Jab tak hai Jaan getting released in diwali, SRK's red chilly is back with Chennai Express. To support him, director is a man who has given back to back hit in last few years, Rohit Shetty. In few of his interviews Rohit himself had expressed his happiness of being able to work with Shah Rukh Khan. Same Feelings should have gone through SRK also, especially when his movies were not appreciated by Audience. In somewhat, Chennai Express was suppose to bring back his stardom and clear the doubt if King Khan Era is in stake (if any had). So the film is out and hopefully verdict will be released through words of Viewers within next few days.

Let me start with plot.
Rahul's (Shah Rukh Khan) Grandfather has his last wish, to get ashes of his decomposed body to be deposited in two different rivers; first one is Ganga where Rahul's Grandmother goes away while the second one is Rameshwaram. Rahul and his friends have a plan to do 'bisarjan' in Goa. Rahul takes the train Chennai Express hoping he will un-board at kalyan, but arrival of Meena or Meenamba( I am sorry if I am spelling it wrong, (Deepika Padukone) inside the compartment prevents him to go away. Meena was running away from her father to be escape marriage but her father's man take both of them to their village. To be saved from marriage, she lies that Rahul and She Love each other. They are welcomed to home but being unaware of Tamil language, Rahul invites few other troubles. The rest of the story is all about quarrel between SRK and deepika, run and chase, few actions, little romance and an attempt to make emotional ending (Not sure if it is succeeded)

Pros of the movie.
SRK has tried giving his good performance for the movie (but not sure if he himself counts it as one of his best acting). As a 40 years old bachelor in the movie (quite nearer to his actual age), he has done a very good job. Deepika Padukone is undoubtedly the best things to be noticed in Chennai Express and her role seems more appealing even than of SRK. While she has worked very hard for her Tamil tune, her acting is fabulous. Other supporting actor is good with their role as most of the time they speak in Tamil only.
The direction of Rohit Shetty is another thing to be noted here though Chennai Express is not among those action packed movies he had directed in last few years. Few of Car Blows and little action are interesting to watch out, but there are not so much of actions here (as you might expect from Rohit Shetty's movie). But nonetheless, his other attempts like comedy work to some extent.
The other best part of movie is photography of beautiful nature. Early from the journey of train, beautiful scene is neatly captured. Shots are taken in such a place that you will just keep saying, 'wow... what a beautiful place'. The halt of train at Deepika's place, the village, The sea-scenario in second half, Tea Garden during one of song, Shot of Rameshwaran bridge and many such which you can't count. People will be able to see the beautiful part of Incredible India.
  Music are at average. The song "Kashmir mai to kanyakumari" is best among them. Other songs are pretty good and you will like them though there are not much songs. The background tune and other sound factors are good.

one of the bad point of this movie is SRK himself (Sorry for SRK fan who might be targeting this review in comment box, but it is true). His acting, his voice and his comedy keeps showing that the role of DDLJ no more fits on him. His name might bring audience towards theatre,  Action works to some extent, but not much that movie can leave positive response to get praise of words from viewers. So SRK himself may not be willing to remember this movie after some days. Not to forget, Chennai Express is in talk because of Rohit Shetty's also, So had it not been Rohit direction and Deepika's role, movie would have suffered on huge amount.
Comedy doesn't works with movie. Some old punch of jokes, Some weird acting aren't good enough to save the movie though Hindi antakshiri gives some laugh to audience. Romance starts only after half an hour of second half. The first half is boring on most of the time and same continues in second half. Still, Last 30 minutes is the duration where movie picks up including romance, beautiful song and the climax.
There is no such special plot to be mentioned in the story. It looks dull in overall. No twist expected anywhere in the story and story is like a common romance movie. Audience can even sleep for 15 minutes, wake up, still they will understand the complete story. I wish there was some twist or some good story within the movie.
Most part of the movie is shot on Tamil. So I wish there was subtitle on those time where Tamil was spoken. Character speak Tamil and audience can only keep wondering what might be its meaning.

My conclusion
This movie is answer to SRK that he should try something other than love story and he should give an attempt to release the movie other than festival season. No doubt that his contribution in Bollywood is widely accepted and he is considered as King Khan, but it's a time for a break and he needs to perform something like Chak de India as he is no more Rahul of DDLJ and KKHH.
And we audience keep missing the good movies just to wait for movies of star. It has happened that movies released during festival get a good run in box-office though they are not good enough, and we neglect very good movies which will surely decrease the motivation for good creatives. We are mature enough to judge what is good and what is wrong, and if we won't do it, when we will do it?
My rating 1.5 out of 5. (for the climax, Scenario and Song)
Recommendation:- No (because it's too boring on first half and you will be disappointed with SRK)


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