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Book Review:- Can love Happen twice? - By Ravinder SIngh

Review:- Can Love Happen Twice, Ravinder Singh

Review  of:- Book
Title of Book- Can Love Happen twice?
Writer- Ravinder Singh
His other book:- I too had a love story


Ravinder Singh’s first book, ’I too had a love story’ is famous among many of people (especially young girls) because of sad ending where writer had said it is his own life story. It was a bit emotional which touched reader’s heart irrespective of simple languages, simple story and it got marked as Best seller despite of its few flaws and avoidable mistake presence in the book.

Now he is back with his second book which he writes as his own story after departure of khushi (His beloved girl friend who had died in the truck accident in his first book ’I too had a love story’). So one hand he has tried taking the advantage in promotion as "Sequel of his first book" while on the other hand it seems he is bound with plot of his first novel which could only restrict him to widening of stories.
The Book claims, it is all about Ravinder Singh after he lost his girl friend.

Can love happen twice Plot-

On the evening of 14th feb, valentine’s day, Ravin and his thee best friends are invited for a radio show in Chandigarh, ‘Raat gayi, baat baki’. Ravin was supposed to talk about his bestselling book ‘I too had a love Story’ and life after that. But only his three friends could turned up. With the show going forward, they revealed where Ravin is actually now. This brings the curiosity what situation made those happen in his life. With the curiosity on peak, one of his friends start reading his written diary as collection of happening of his life in Belgium, narrating the story live in one of Chandigarh’s Fm.

Back flash of story as main plot starts with Ravin life getting back in track in Belgium where he is sent for his office work. Among many Indians he found in Brussels, he finds a girl ‘Simar’ as his friend who is doing Mba in a same city, Just ten minutes away from his office. From their co-incident meeting of Gym place and sandwich shop, along with time, they get friend with each other. With her friend, She visits his room for the first time on his birthday. Since that time their frequency of communication increases and they get close to each other.
But will Ravin be able to come across his beloved love? Will he accept Simar as his other love of his life? Which moment actually brings him in the miserable state? Will love happen for the second time? What will be the end of this story? What was the secret of his life that everyone is eager to listen?

Book as a sequel. Does it work?

As I said earlier, making Can love Happen Twice as sequel of his book, he got a plus point for his book promotion. This sequel plot also few craziness to learn and eagerness to know the remaining plot of story. Three friends meeting in a car, and then story goes smoothly for a while. But it looks like he has spent the enough pages before main story starts.

Making a sequel book may not ask so many new creative, leading to lesser effort to create a main plot but again to connect two books becomes more than a tough job. Here writer is bounded with definite opening and closing plot which stops the new story come to effect in this book. So writer seems lacking few of these things here.

My view on Story            
Story of book can nowhere be said as unique. The main story is a common story that we have been getting in our Bollywood movies. It’s Looks like he has not been able to connect one scene with the preceding scene properly in few of the phase.

Placement of past scene as recalling past moments adds value and fragrance to the story but he uses these techniques only limited times.

Reading story one time is ok! With initial suspense, story looks interesting in early pages. But trend of slow moving, especially when Ravin’s life in Belgium begins it somewhere brings boredom to readers. The middle part of book could have been much better.

Language decency used in the book is acceptable and he has been careful by not detailing some of the scene which could have lead to vulgarism. I want to thank Ravinder Singh for this. Though his mode of writing is as simple as his earlier books, he has been able to describe the abstract part of the nature and his surrounding to some extent, still a genuine and unique framing of creativity lacks in this novel.

Story could have been much better, especially had he arranged few more plots with ‘Khushi’ (he has shown only one presence of her). Her inclusion in the story in his sad phase could have added interest the climax of novel is good but is not so appealing where it feels like he is running of time and in hurry to end the story.

Few more plots of twist and romance especially including ‘Simar’ as leading girl was a necessity but first 36th to 150th pages of book is dominated by Ravin over shadowing presence of Simar or any other character in the story.

The last phase of realization could have been extended to some extent but again, its on to person to person how he is dealing with the story and we should realize a same plot can bring numerous stories if written by many people.    

My Conclusion-
Writer says, he has written this book to awake youth generation where relation has been ending by heart break rather than heart-fail. He couldn’t stand up fullest on his own expectation. Still, spreading the message is ok to some extent. It seems like some scene were unlinked and some were

I liked the book but I surely won’t say I loved the book. Book is one time readable for some people but some other part of people or youth may not like this one.

It is purely a love-story book, so don’t expect to get any extra masala here. Still, had he added some more flavors on book, it would be worth reading.

My rating-
0.5 for making it as sequel
0.5 for suspense in beginning and end
1.0 for story and
0.5 for its readability

Overall 2.5 out of 5

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  1. After simer meets ravin in shimla after tht wht happens

  2. After simer meets ravin in shimla after tht wht happens


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