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Movie Review: Son of Sardaar

Movie Review- Son of Sardar-

Diwali 2012, Two Big Movies got released. The pre-release clashes between the production houses regarding the screening of movie were the other unintentional publicity. Whatever be the past, both movies got released: one was filled with beautiful romance while the other was supposed to be comedy action packed. Jab tak hai Jaan (JTHJ) had surely the extra edge because of its hidden plot while Son of Sardaar (SOS) is the remake of southern movies. So in the case of SOS, the plot was partially revealed and one can surely guess what would be its ending. Choosing SOS in place of JTHJ was tough, still because Ajay Devgan has always been one of my favorite actors, I decided to give SOS a try.

Story Plot:-
Jassi  Sikh -boy  (Ajay Devgan ) stays in London    but as he gets the letter of government regarding his property, he travels to his native place to sell the property. In the train from New Delhi, he meets Sonakshi Sinha (Suk). They get friends with each other on the way. In the village, He also meets  Sanjay Dutt who in much wait of Jassi for the revenge of his uncle’s murder done by Jassi’s Father. Unknowingly Sanjay Dutt takes Ajay to his home, just to know in later time that  Jassi was the one they were looking for. According to the family tradition, enemies were well-respected inside the house but would be killed as soon as they come out. As Ajay gets to know it, he makes several excuses to not to come out of house. This is how film goes on...

My views
As well known by all, SOS as a remake of south-Indian movie, the story plot is no-where hidden. More-ever the climax is guessable as it is family drama. Still, within this range Movie is watchable and can be enjoyed with its comedies and few actions. The starting fight and Salman Khan coming for sometime is exciting while Ajay-Sonakshi conversation in train is filled up with comedy. Chases in different part of movie are fantastic while different comedies inserted within chases will give you enough laughs. Funny lines of Sanjay Dutt is noticeable (though you feel Sanjay Dutt speaking on such way is repetition of his earlier movies. Ajay’s action throughout the movie like fight while riding horse and action before the climax is indeed a crowd puller.

Cons of the movie
Still, movie doesn’t works up to the expectation. There are no many such action and I wished movie would’ve been better had Rohit Shetty directed it. The first action of the movie and few other stunts can’t be easily believed and looks a mere work of fiction though it is enough exciting. Once there was news that Ajay had performed the stunt of riding two horses at a time but seems it was deleted from final print of movie. Comedy in first half is a bit ok while second half goes down until the time Sonakshi is taken for engagement. Love story does create some good moment during the movie but it could have been made much better. Music in the regular interval especially in the second half is quite boring as the songs are not up to the mark and songs flavor look similar in the entire movie (barring the start and end song).

Ajay’s have performed well in this movie; especially during his stunts he is watchable.  He has successfully played comedy role. Sonakshi has performed beautifully in the entire part of the movie while Juhi Chawla’s role as fiancée of Sanjay Dutt can’t be sidelined. Sanjay Dutt in himself had played the antagonist role in Agneepath and he has shown his best in comedy cum antagonist part. Two cousin of Sanjay Dutt have played well and so have the entire crew. In all, movie is well-played within their best by the entire crew, but few more good works from behind the camera could have movie better.

Overall, Movie is a good entertainer. Had it not clashed with JTHJ, movie would have been hit as Ajay’s earlier movie Bol-Bachhan. I found it better than Bol-Bachhan but not as much as Singham (may be its personal flavor and taste). There are no flaws within the Direction but Rohit Shetty and his huge sounds during action are being missed here. Story could have been better and few unexpected climax would have made movie a better piece as it is now, still not to forget, this is the essence of SOS that every time you watch, you will laugh and enjoy the movie.
Good one, but surely not the best. I wish when Ajay can be seen with new story line of the movie (not the remake of old movies).

Ajay fans will enjoy while to fullest while critics will also write against the movie. For others, it will be just the average movie

My rating: 2.75 out of 5.

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