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Movie Review: Rowdy Rathore

Movie Review: Rowdy Rathore

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Release Date: June 01 2012 Star-Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha
Director: Prabhu Dheva
Music Director: Sajid-Wajid
Genre: Action Comedy

In last few years, Akshay Kumar has been delivering the comedy movies where he has found love of his fans, but some or other way action lovers might had missed his powerful roles as of Khiladi series (or may be I might be unaware of his action movies released in last few years). Still, there comes no second thought that Akshay has been successful in comedy movies.
 The recents trend of Dabang, Bodygaurd and Singham where movies have been commercially super-hit whereas Wanted, Dabaang and Singham are liked by many people. If you are the one who had enjoyed every punch of heroes in wanted and singham, you may like this movie; If you have enjoyed Salman’s Dabaang Character, you may like this movie.

Rowdy Rathore, as known by all, it is remake of south-Indian movie where you find both comedy and actions. As I haven’t seen its original movie, I can’t say what percent of movie story is the remake but one thing for sure, if you have kept your logical and reasoning mind aside while watching the movie, you will surely enjoy it. Here, you can see two different Akshay Kumar:- the comedian and the fighter.
Shiva (akshay kumar) is a clever thief in Mumbai whose daily job is to steal things from people. On his daily activities, he happens to meet with Paru (Sonakshi Sinha) who has come for a weeding from Patna. They get close to each other and fall in love. While attending a marriage party, Shiva confesses he is a thief and promises he will change the way. But some incident leads him finding a little girl who calls Shiva as her father. His life in the movie changes after that!
On the other hand, Vikram Rathore (other role of Akshay Kumar) is a stable ACP who had fought against the criminal as one man army. While trying to Conquer evil of Devgadh, he gets defeated and life also turns different for him. Both of them get to meet in an incident to save  daughter of VIkram Rathore. Then the movie is all about recalling past days of Vikram Rathore and how the evil is conquered in the later stage of climax.
Akshay Kumar is superb in his comeback of action movies. You can feel a geniun enthusiasm when he shouts a dialogue and his punches are crowd pullers. Some or other way, though for limited time, it can be considered as one of the best action performances by Akshay Kumar. In other side, his comedy role as a thief and as a finisher is slightly different than of his earlier movies. You may feel this role somewhere as mindless role by salman khan of dabaang but again, he is unique here and if the movie happens to get listed as super-hit, the maximum credit will surely go to Akshay kumar for his powerful double role.
Sonakshi Sinha as paru has not been given maximum role, still she is well fitted in it. Her dance and her performances are highlight of the show. And as a movie is fully male-dominant, it is an acceptable role for an actress.
Other supporting stars including villain team, though in their limited roles bring the best performance in movies

The script of movie is ok type. Movie has very less suspense hidden in it and dialogues of the movie are limited. May be few more powerful dialogues and a bit longer role for Vikram Rathore could have made movie a bit interesting. Songs of the movie are good but not so of the distinction level. A good compose/lyrics could have made difference in the movie.
The start and end of both halves of movie are excellent while in between, movie goes down. But as the start is fine and end is fine, movie can surely be considered as good movies of industry
Personally I didn’t find the role of shiva as efficient as of Vikram Rathore, (may be vikram steals the show with action though in shorter time). The romance of second half looks like diversion of road and it could have been avoided. I didn’t like the mix of comedy and action as it somewhere seems dilution of sweetness. As Movie is neither fully action packed nor it seems a great comedy. Love story wont be the topic to discuss either. I would have loved had there been Variation in songs and music.
Movie will be super hit but even if it crosses 100 crore + earning club (it may not cross too), figure won’t go so much beyond.  Let us see how movie will fare in coming two days of this weekend.

My rating: 3 out of 5 star

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